Spirit of the Time

"Humanity currently finds itself in the midst of great transformation as it awakens to a greater understanding of its connection to all that is."

The zeitgeist of an era captures the prevailing mood and way of thinking, revealing the distinctive nature of an epoch: Our planet and its people are currently in the midst of profound transformation. This is not only having an impact on our climate, our economy, the global financial and monetary systems, the education system and the spiritual shift already being experienced by many – it is also evident in the growing number of natural catastrophes such as floods, earthquakes and hurricanes as well the increasing number of environmental disasters.


We all share this planet and its fate. Being sympathetic to the world’s problems and those who stand at the end of the receiving line is a basic mindset rooted in compassion and commitment toward today’s and tomorrow’s world.


Egotism, every-man-for-himself, greed, and taking the unfair advantage are all waning tools that have so far been wielded by a power whose days are now numbered – future generations will be founded on values such as integrity, empathy and tolerance.


Through his countless international philanthropy projects directed at those most in need, Mario Hintermayer taps into this Genius saeculi – “the guardian spirit of the age”. His commitment seeks to go beyond mere short-term emergency relief.


Mario Hintermayer’s actions go much deeper: His visions are guided by the spirit of social compassion that is gradually taking hold all over the world as we begin to awaken to our oneness with all of life.


His message to the globalized world is simple and humble:

Anyone who starts with themselves – what they can do to better the world – no matter how great or small – contributes directly to the greater transformation

What you call the spirit of the times

is in actuality humanity’s own spirit

reflecting the ages.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe