"Share your success and it will come back to you thousandfold – for instance, in the sparkling eyes of children."

Mario Hintermayer places great importance on sharing his success with those less fortunate. VITA-LIFE® World Health & Sports Foundation (WHSF), a non-profit fundraising organization co-founded by Mario and committed to assisting disadvantaged people, has realized scores of projects in this spirit. Please find below numerous projects worthy of your time, energy and financial resources – Do your part in making this world a better place to live:

WHSF – World Health & Sports Foundation

Over 160 projects have been realized since its launch event in 2000. Come visit our foundation and find out more about WHSF’s activities!

Licht ins Dunkel

Dear Readers, Dear Mario,


So many families in Austria are either threatened by poverty or forced to scrape by each month. The situation can seem particularly hopeless for those faced with the additional challenge of dealing with a disability or debilitating illness in the family. The campaign Licht ins Dunkel may be of help in such moments – thanks to the donations of countless Austrians, and not least of all, through the commitment of people like Mario Hintermayer. I have known Mario Hintermayer for over 10 years now. He has shown himself to be an enthusiastic comrade-in-arms; someone I can always count on when it comes to helping those who are unable, or no longer able, to help themselves. We are extremely fortunate to have Mario Hintermayer as a partner on board the Licht ins Dunkel campaign. He enriches our collaboration with his creative energy and endless dedication. His unwavering spirit has enabled so much good over the years. What started out as a great working relationship has evolved over time into a personal friendship. I would like to take this opportunity to express my THANKS – may they both continue to flourish. On behalf of Licht ins Dunkel, as well as all of those who have had the opportunity to benefit from Mario Hintermayer’s support and commitment, I offer many heartfelt thanks and all the best.


Warmest regards,

Christine Tschürtz-Kny

* shortened from the German “Licht ins Dunkel bringen“, which translated means “bringing light into the darkness”

Red & White Charity Party 2019

Mario Hintermayer sent out invitations for his 60th birthday and a lot of friends accepted his invitation to the Europa Park. Expectations were high, because his guests know that Mario knows how to celebrate. But all expectations were exceeded. The guests came from many countries of the world -  they travelled from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Monaco, Dubai and Singapore, in order to celebrate Mario’s birthday with him. The motto was RED & WHITE - the colours related to the countries in which Mario spends the majority of his time. Austria, Monaco, Singapore and Bali (Indonesia) carry the national colours RED & WHITE. He asked his guests not to bring him any presents, but rather to support his projects. The speakers Andreas Beutel and Peter Herrmann, artists, such as the moderator and schlager singer Lara Bianca Fuchs, the painter Godana Karawanke, musicians and painters, Prof. Klaus Fessmann with the musicians Eugen Bazijan, Lisa Schüttl, Jan Henning, the magician Max Schneider, the 2010 Supertalent winner Freddy Sahin-Scholl and the Phil Collins and Genesis Tribute Band “PHIL”, as well as the organisation team around Oliver Sodeik and the film team RICCO ART, who gave up a substantial part of their pay, were also among the participants. One part of the donations will flow directly into the GOL project on Bali; a generous donation from the tombola was handed over to the founder of Global Family Karl Auer-Polaska. 


Many new friendships were established and some old ones sealed, people ate, danced, laughed and donated. It was an unforgettable event for everyone. In addition, numerous guests spent Sunday on a visit in Europa***Park and already look forward to any future invitations, when the motto will be:


“It is not difficult at all to do GOOD together!”


Set the project above the 50-year jubilee

Under the motto "DOING GOOD TOGETHER IS NOT DIFFICULT AT ALL", Mario Hintermayer invited the guests to celebrate his 60th birthday at the Europa Park Rust. 

R&W Party 2019 reception with Rust fanfare band


Cocktail reception at the RED & WHITE CHARITY PARTY with the Rust fanfare band

R&W Party 2019 special guest FREDDY SAHIN-SCHOLL 


RED & WHITE CHARITY PARTY with Supertalent winner Freddy Sahin-Scholl with Mario Hintermayer

R&W Party 2019 Lara Bianca Fuchs 


RED & WHITE CHARITY PARTY with TV host and singer Lara Bianca Fuchs

R&W Party 2019 interview in relation to the GOL project with Mario Hintermayer


Interview with Mario Hintermayer in relation to the Garden of Life Charity Project Bali at the RED & WHITE CHARITY PARTY. MH speaks about the origin of the idea to create such an important project in the hills of Bali. 

R&W Party 2019 interview about the GOL project with Prof. Klaus Fessmann 


Interview with Prof. Klaus Fessmann regarding the Garden of Life Charity Projekt Bali at the RED & WHITE CHARITY PARTY. Prof. Klaus Fessmann speaks about his ideas and concepts about planning to build one of 55 such projects in the hills of Bali.

R&W Party 2019 - concert with sounding stones


Concert with sounding stones with Prof. Klaus Fessmann, Jan Henning, Patricia Glantz and Eugen Bazijan. 

GLOBAL FAMILY charity partner of MH-Charity

It is my great pleasure to be able to offer active support to Global Family as an adviser. Thus, it was possible to donate for that purpose during the joint Charity Tombola organised on the occasion of my 60th birthday. 


For families that do not lead a normal life. To victims of poverty, sickness, violence and wars, carefree holidays and loving hospitality are more than a vacation. It is the fulfilment of an unattainable dream. It is as if you were dancing on a rainbow!

The tourism human rights and aid organisation Global Family Charity Resort was founded on 7 July 2007 with the purpose of making it possible for families that are in need through no fault of their own to have recreational holidays free of charge. Ever since, 300 hotel partners have made it possible for 800 families to take a holiday from desolation.

Global Family helps in a fast and uncomplicated manner and can thus bring back a little normalcy to families that are in exceptional circumstances.

Red & White Night 2009

Just before his 50th birthday, Mario reflected on growing up in Austria, living in Monaco for 13 years, having projects under construction in Bali as well as offices in both Monaco and Singapore – when it hit him that the national flags of all these countries are RED & WHITE. He had his birthday theme: He would throw a “Red & White Night”. His wish list was long: hold the party in his native country of Austria; invite 200 friends and family members; decorate the party venue at the Casino Velden in red & white; have guests come in red & white attire; provide an unforgettable entertainment program with international artists; and . . . Mario’s greatest wish: no presents! Instead, he asked that each guest donate to a meaningful cause.

His greatest wish came true in a big way: A total of € 22.700.- in donations were collected for the Mobile Pediatric Care Carinthia (MOKI) and its erection of a children’s hospice.


Contributions from such prominent guests as Paris Dakar Rally winner Jutta Kleinschmidt, VITA-LIFE® CEO Ingrid Brandstötter, top designer Otto Kern, darling of the public Alfons Haider, star athlete Reini Sampl, and 2010 Supertalent winner Galileo, but above all, from Mario’s countless friends and business partners resulted in a real windfall for MOKI. Even the evening’s entertainers – Verstehen Sie Spass magician Simon Pierro, entertainer Peter Grimberg, star chef Marcel Vanic, the Munich band Best of Pop as well as 2010 Supertalent winner Galileo – all chose to forgo a portion of their appearance fees and donate them instead to MOKI.


Integrationszentrum Seebach

Each Christmas, Santa comes bearing gifts for the children at the Integrationszentrum Seebach, a residential home for mentally challenged youth in Austria. He even managed one year to find room in his sack for invaluable therapy equipment and music instruments needed for the center’s group therapy treatment. Magician Felix and Wolfgang Niegelhell and his magical panpipes have also made guest appearances during Santa’s visits.

Nothing compares to the feeling of bringing joy to children who don’t expect anything at all! The young people who live at the center are mentally challenged, which calls for an even greater degree of finesse for dealing with unfamiliar situations,

says Mario Hintermayer, co-founder of VITA-LIFE® WHSF. Mario returns each Christmas to play Santa for the children at Integrationszentrum Seebach.

Kinderdorf Pöttsching

Since 2004, Mario Hintermayer and the CEO of VITA-LIFE® Europe, Ingrid Brandstötter, have been working together with their WHSF team to lend their time, energy and financial resources to the Kinderdorf Pöttsching (Pöttsching Children’s Village) in Burgenland, Austria. From 2004 through 2006, the two surprised all 70 children and their caregivers with many wonderful Christmas gifts. Over the past few years, they’ve also provided the village with new playground and outdoor fitness equipment, as well as other urgently needed items. Of greatest importance to Mario when providing this kind of philanthropic commitment is the personal relationship he develops over the course of many years with the children. The visit alone becomes a real treat when time is taken to play and interact with the young residents. By 2010, Mario had developed a wonderful rapport with the children, one that bordered on friendship. During this period, he accompanied two of the children in the village, Samara (7) and Chiara (8), to their Holy baptism. He continues to make every effort to meet his commitments to these two girls. He grabs every opportunity to visit the children or to do something with Samara and Chiara, which always brings a welcome change of pace to Kinderdorf Pöttsching.

In  2009, WHSF surprised the children with an early Christmas present at the start of December. In cooperation with various public and private operations in the Katschberg region, WHSF invited the children on an exciting, fun-filled ski weekend under the motto:

„Gemeinsam Gutes tun ist gar nicht schwer“

Let’s pool our resources and organize a Christmas surprise for Kinderdorf Pöttsching that goes far beyond writing a check

No sooner said than done: Mario Hintermayer teamed up with businessman and ski legend, Erwin Resch, to organize an unforgettable ski trip for 50 children. Thanks to the support of numerous businesses, ski schools, chairlift companies, municipalities and tourist associations, they were able to treat these children to a 3-day weekend of skiing – something Children’s Villages, and even most families these days, can’t afford. In these children’s eyes, not even the most expensive toy in the world could top a weekend full of warmth and fun – it was a real hit!

Building a school in Sri Lanka (Reconstruire et Vivre)

Reconstruire e Vivre is a charitable organization based in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. It was founded by Patricia Wickrahmasinghe, who has been living for years in Sri Lanka. Thanks to donations, this association’s small team of volunteers is able to build houses and assist residents in carrying out vital construction projects. Mario Hintermayer and the VITA-LIFE® Foundation have been providing ongoing financial support to build and run a school for children and teenagers of tsunami victims in one of the villages.

Salia and His Family

Before all of his possessions were washed away by the tsunami, Salia worked as a carpenter. Like so many other stricken families, he, his wife and their two children have since been forced to live in a makeshift wooden hut. Mario Hintermayer and his team rebuilt Salia a small workshop and have provided him with the capital to put a solid roof back over his family’s heads.


In September of 2005, Mario Hintermayer visited the stretch of coastline in southern Sri Lanka that had been destroyed by the tsunami. He immediately recognized the need for action, and managed to make numerous friends all over Koggala before the end of his first visit. What many tsunami victims lacked most was private infrastructure: Many were still living in makeshift tents and wooden huts, and were in desperate need of financial support to feed their children and provide them with shoes, medical treatment and much more. Within the span of a couple of days, the computer room was rebuilt and furnished. Today, the school’s 400 students are provided daily with a warm meal and a new pair of shoes each year. Ongoing financial support is also provided for covering the costs of the school’s English and computer teachers as well as updating its computer.

I always really enjoy being able to pay the children in Sri Lanka a personal visit. I would like to extend a very special thanks to my team – which runs this project on an entirely volunteer basis – as well as the giving people who support us with their monthly sponsorship contributions.

A Newly Built Monastery in the Songshan Mountains

Shaolin monk Shi Dejian is the most respected master of Shaolin Kung Fu. The tradition of Shaolin medicine has also been passed down to him. He regularly provides treatment to people with serious illnesses in his monastery up in the Songshan mountains, which is only reachable along a footpath up several thousand steps. The monastery was lacking until now in basic facilities such as showers, warm water, plumbing and heating. This has posed a particular challenge when treating patients, who typically stay between 30 – 90 days. The VITA-LIFE® Foundation has financed the construction of a new temple and built a portion of the new structure to serve as residential spaces. In return, WHSF has been granted the right to invite people seeking treatment to the retreat on Mount Shaoshi.

Special Olympics & Lions Club Monaco

dedicated his energies in particular to establishing the Special Olympics (SPO) in Monaco (founded in 2000) and founding the VITA-LIFE World Health & Sports Foundation (WHSF) in Europe as well as around the world.


At the SPO European Swimming Championships in 2002, Mario Hintermayer was presented with an Honorary Membership award by the president of the Special Olympics Monaco, Madame Mireille Calmes.


In 2010, Timothy P. Shriver, CEO of Special Olympics International, and son of its founder, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, paid his first visit to the athletes of Special Olympics Monaco to congratulate them on their big win at the European Summer Games in Warsaw. WHSF has been supporting the Special Olympics for years, and has already managed to realize several large projects. Shriver was especially delighted at the auctioning off of the WHSF Wiesmann Roadster “Special Olympics Monaco” for 2.5 MIO ATS (€ 185,000.-) at the VITA-LIFE® Gala in Seefeld. The event’s proceeds went directly to the 2002 Special Olympics European Swimming Championships in Monaco. The WHSF has also joined forces with the Monaco branch of the Lions Club to support other important projects.

In the summer of 2010, Mario Hintermayer invited a Special Olympics soccer team from Austria to take part in the European Youth Soccer Championships in the Principality of Monaco.