"I am often asked on my many travels if there's a place I call home. My response is that I carry my home with me wherever I go. A wonderful feeling inside me lets me know that wherever I feel content and at ease, I am at home. This is very liberating."

I would like to extend my gratituted to all who have enriched my life – whether in the form of a positive or not so positive experience. Every encounter ultimately serves as an opportunity to look inside ourselves and see where we are headed and what we can achieve in life – to understand our reason for being here – so that we can consciously determine anew where we choose to head next in life.


Each of you has contributed in some way to making me the more conscious person I am today. You all have been, and continue to be, the pillars of my life.


In particular, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to my family, who has always stood by me and believed in my ideas, providing a source of unending strength and support. I would also like to extend my indebtness to those who are no longer with us; those whose purpose on this earth was completed sooner. In particular, I would like to extend a very special thanks to my departed little sister, Astrid. I was still very young when she arrived in the world only to depart a short time later due to her severe handicap. She brought her message and then took leave. This early experience has had a lasting impact on the way I think, and the way I approach all of my projects.


Thank you for your message.