Charisma & Inspiration

"Make a difference with your life – that way, everyone around you can benefit, too. It's like a force that energizes and propels everything forward, yet always comes back to you in the end - you get back what you give."

Playful curiosity coupled with the patience, trust and equanimity that comes from experiencing first-hand the greater meaning that lies in everything – these are the unmistakable qualities that define Mario Hintermayer and the motivating force behind his actions.

I have always had a deep-rooted desire to touch and inspire others through unexpected acts of kindness.

Mario Hintermayer offers an open ear to anyone with good ideas and the determination to put them into action, passing on his know-how and network of contacts to help them achieve their goals faster. He offers others his far-thinking vision and energy in everything from the development to the patenting of ideas, from the efficient marketing strategy to the successful market launch.