Mario Hintermayer is a successful entrepreneur and many people and business partners who are acquainted with his story say: Mario is a role model for us, he is a true entrepreneur. He does not fear any work nor risk in order to put his visions into practice. He lives for his ideas, brings the necessary teams together and gets started. For Mario Hintermayer, balance in life is much more important than financial success, he always takes care that everyone around him feels well, that both the customers and the sellers are winners and that a substantial part of the success is always shared with those whom fate has not treated so kindly. 


The SANAFUTURA Pte. Ltd. with seat in Singapore engages in the field of sustainable health concepts. We impart our experience in the form of seminars and coaching sessions. We help people align their lives towards success, both regarding their economic situation and health. We live in fast-changing times, with ever-increasing performance pressure in the workplace, while the physical and mental load created through stress, radiation exposure and inadequate nutrition constantly grows. Burnout and intolerances, among other things, pose great challenges. We have the product and expert portfolio to help you return to your active path towards vitality, energy and wellbeing.  


The European SANAFUTURA GmbH has its seat in the centre of Merzhausen near Freiburg, in the beautiful Black Forest (Schwarzwald) region. What awaits you there is an inviting health lounge for energy-related applications, energy status measurements, personal counselling and sales. 


DUCATUS is a crypto economy with main seat in Singapore. The goal of DUCATUS, which is also its special characteristic, is the approach towards global distribution, acceptance and recognition as official means of payment. We sell our pre-manufactured DUCATUS coins in different ways. While in the beginning, it was offered via our innovative and very successful network marketing system, DUCATUS can now be purchased in many different ways. In the meantime, DUCATUS has become a lot more than a cryptocurrency. It is an international group of companies and a brand in the fintech industry. We have built 2 blockchains and are in the process of developing a cashless global economic system. We also have platforms for real estate, e-commerce, travel and more. With our cashless cafés, we engage in the field of franchising.

Garden of Life

The Garden of Life Foundation is a foundation established on Bali. It was brought to life by Mario Hintermayer and Ronny Tome, the CEO of Ducatus. It connects thousands of people in the whole world in the spirit of peace, harmony and cooperation, in order to create a spectacular, 4000 m² large ecological sculpture. The Flower of Life is a powerful, very old symbol that can be found in cultures worldwide. It is located in the centre of the 13-hectare large Garden of Life, a breathtaking tropical park in the holy heart of Bali next to a UNESCO world heritage site. With your support, we will create the largest energy field on earth financed by man.

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Hintermayer & Cie S.C.S.

Since 1999, with seat in Monaco, the Sales Promotion Monaco engaged in sales, structuring, planning and the development of new markets increasingly in the “Asian and Arabian area”. The fields and subjects vary highly, and yet they all still embrace the trends of the future: sustainability, renewable energies, lifestyle, healthstyle and social management. 


Conscience is the outer limit of the human quest for knowledge. How does humanity profit from my existence? Which positions do conscience and value-oriented actions take in the global business of today?

P.T. Bali Permata Indah

Bali Permata Indah is the development company for the planned projects on Bali. By means of this company, which was founded in 2006 by Mario Hintermayer and Ronny Tome, all of the land plots were purchased and all licences necessary for the construction of the projects requested. All preparations are currently being undertaken with the goal of accomplishing the globally most ambitious holistic resort. The completion and opening of the resort project is planned after the three-year construction period and sets a global trend in the holistic and health industry.


Love at first sight.

This how Mario Hintermayer describes his first encounter with the Island of the Gods. Just one year after first setting eyes on the island, he and his partner, Ronny Tome, founded P.T. Bali Permata Indah – which translated means, “THE JEWEL OF BALI“. Having resided on the island for 10 years, Ronny Tome brought invaluable knowledge on the country, its people and its language.

While scouting out potential locations by helicopter during Bali’s rainy season, Mario happened upon this precious jewel. He had his sights set on finding a truly unique location that radiated great energy. He envisioned a globally unique health and wellness destination emerging across the expanse of picturesque rice terraces. In the months that followed, the company was able to purchase 25 hectors of the most stunning rice terraces from over 50 farmers in the Tabanan Hills region.


Bali Permata Indah currently employs a staff of international specialists who assist in the project’s development. An unparalleled health resort will unfold over the coming years that not only meets today’s green standards, but also anticipates the challenges ahead in the next 50 years: VITA SOURCE is being realized in accordance with environmentally-friendly construction practices (using natural materials) and without felling any trees; it will employ an environmentally-friendly autarkic energy supply system as well as a waste avoidance and wastewater system; it will also engage local farmers for the resort’s entire produce needs, plus much more.


At its heart lies an innovative concept: A synergetic network of 9 distinct villages offering traditional health and wellness treatments from all around the world (India, China, Europe, etc.). Its VITA SOURCE Medical Center will be staffed with practitioners of complementary medicine as well as healers and others specialists who are all highly skilled in traditional healing practices. The on-site VITA SOURCE University will provide a platform for these practitioners to pass on their knowledge to guests, who will also benefit from individually tailored packages of treatments and services. The resort will draw the focus back to what is all too often neglected in today’s fast-paced and often shallow world: Healing, regeneration, introspection and transformation that is lasting – and beneficial to all.


Bali Permata Indah is currently in the process of putting together the “right” team of investors: People who don’t merely have their eye on making instant big profits, but rather visionaries seeking to invest their financial power in truly meaningful and constructive future-oriented projects. We are looking for people who care about the future of our planet, its children, their children and all those still to come.

vita-life Asia

In 2009, Mario Hintermayer left VITA LIFE® Europe to seek out greater challenges. Starting in 2005, he found himself frequently returning to the region of Southeast Asia, and in particular, Bali. So in December 2009, he secured exclusive rights to this continent.

I love the opportunities this market offers: the culture, the people, the sun, the ocean – all of it!

These days Mario regularly commutes between his first and second adoptive homelands, Monaco and Singapore.

Doing business in Asia is a lot like tending to a bamboo seedling: You must devote a great deal of time and care to it before it starts flourishing – but once it begins to thrive, there’s no holding it back.

vita-life TSC Singapore

VITA LIFE® Singapore was co-founded in January 2011 with prominent partners based in Singapore. The VITA LIFE® Trading & Support Center (TSC) Singapore has been in operation since March 2011 and serves as a home base for building up the market in this country. Singapore’s latest landmark is one of VITA LIFE’s most prominent customers at present: The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is distinguished by its eye-catching roof spanning three towers: in the shape of an enormous ship, it is filled with restaurants, bars, a 150-meter length swimming pool and the largest casino in the region.

vita-life Europa

Mario Hintermayer co-founded the VITA LIFE Group in 1995. Since its humble beginnings in the Principality of Liechtenstein and the 1800-strong community of Hollenstein an der Ybbs in Austria, it has grown into a major international operation. In its modest early days, a container served as storage area and a small vacation apartment as office space; a typical workday averaged 16 to 18 hours. Just six years later, VITA LIFE opened its 1,500 m2 European headquarters in Velden am Wörthersee. This incredibly successful franchise business currently serves over 150,000 thrilled customers in Europe alone. Since its inception, Ingrid Brandstötter has served as the key figure of the VITA LIFE Group as well as the CEO of all the Austria-based firms. She has also held exclusive rights for the continents of Europe and Africa since 2009.