"I find there is no greater life elixir than realizing visions that also bring benefit to others. I notice that I in turn grow as a person. Mastering new challenges is incredibly fulfilling and gratifying – it rewards in ways no money ever could."

Visions have always had the power to bring about change – and in the timeless words of Heraclitus:


Change is the only constant in our cosmos.

The wheel of life keeps tirelessly turning, bringing forward new life forms, new ideas and finally a new awareness. The following years will be characterized by a new society - the knowledge society. That will cause the power of visions to experience a new period of bloom. For Mario Hintermayer, it is natural to live his visions even today. With a lot of confidence, he lets his ideas mature, in order to subsequently implement them in a powerful and meaningful manner. The more than 200 aid projects he implemented during the last 20 years were born out of this energy, and the same is the case with his current project on the Island of the Gods. The “Garden of Life”, a worldwide one-of-a-kind project, is currently in the process of creation on Bali. It unites nature, music, complementary medicine, culture, environmental protection, sustainability and spiritual awareness. Mario Hintermayer also continues to be active in Europe. He continues to supervise social projects that are on his heart. With all his visions and actions, Mario Hintermayer wishes to deliver a message to the world:

Be the change you want to see: Through your positive actions and awareness, do your part to make life wonderful and fulfilling for everyone, today and tomorrow. Only then will you have truly lived.