"Welchen Nutzen und welchen Mehrwert kann ich für die Gesellschaft erzeugen, indem gleichzeitig meine eigenen Bedürfnisse gedeckt werden und ich Erfüllung erlange?"

We are living in an era of great transformation. Many individuals, visionaries, and business people are already beginning to look beyond their own vested interests as they seek out business principles directed at the greater good of society. As we move forward, this new way of thinking will increasingly find its way into ever more economic systems as it begins to take root and expand worldwide. Great things are possible when a company chooses to make inspiring others and working toward a common vision its chief aspiration – yet only when these are founded in integrity, open-mindedness and fairness. I want to contribute to the wellbeing of the world, serve as a role model and set a new standard through my actions – one that calls for success to be measured by the benefits brought to society and future generations rather than mere financial profits. In the years to come, authenticity and spirituality will serve as the pillars of long-term success. The era of business as usual is on its way out.


Slow to embrace these changes have been the traditional businesses, which, despite having enjoyed a strong market position for the past 150-200 years, are suddenly finding themselves struggling to keep up. The key to making it in today’s world lies in adopting altruistic business practices. Once the tipping point is reached and this mindset and its indispensable role in lasting success are fully embraced, many other systems will follow suit.

My Guiding Business Philosophy

A business relationship must be founded on honesty and fairness, and ultimately bring mutual benefit to both parties.