Thoughts & Laws of Attraction

"Negative thoughts are foreign to me. I view thoughts as external impulses that assist me in creating my reality."

We create our own reality through our thoughts. The law of attraction is not just a theory – proof of its existence is all around us.


Mario Hintermayer has experienced this first-hand. He feels compelled to let as many people as possible share in the rewards and insights it has brought him.

Experiencing Success

After years of hard work and commitment, I stumbled upon an innovative device that would come to revolutionize the health system worldwide in the next 20 years. Although far from being fully worked out, it nevertheless provided the decisive impetus for launching the VITA-LIFE organization in the summer of 1995.

VITA-LIFE’s first sales competition took Mario Hintermayer to Monaco – a place that would soon be steering his life in a totally new direction. From this moment forth, everything began unfolding just as he had visualized it in his “catalogue of wishes”.


Through a series of coincidences, his lifelong dream became reality in the summer of 1997. On April 12, 1998, Mario was granted permanent residency and an apartment in Monaco. He paid the last installment on the bankruptcy debt that had been looming over his life for the past 17 years, then took leave of his country of birth.


Mario Hintermayer was back on track. The law of attraction really did work and it had even delivered him the proof: his first apartment, his first bank account, and his very own car. He ended up earning as much in one year as he had lost in all the previous years combined. And everything else in his “catalogue of dreams” went on to come true in the years that followed.



I enjoy my little enclave in the heart of Europe

Inspired by the knowledge that anything imaginable is possible, he set out to make even more visions reality.


Monaco serves as Mario’s home base in Europe for both his work and private life. This is where he works, plays, keeps up with friends, and directs all of his business and philanthropic activities.

New Visions on a New Continent

When an invitation to come to Bali followed in 2005, a whole new path opened up for Mario Hintermayer and his visions. He refers to his first encounter with the Island of the Gods as love at first sight. Just one year after first setting eyes on it, he co-founded P.T. Bali Permata Indah with his partner, Ronny Tome.


Borne by his visionary power and his entrepreneurial success, in 2009, he began the development of VITA-LIFE Asia in Singapore.Today, with his residences in Singapore and Bali, Mario Hintermayer has created his own paradise. While Bali offers him regeneration and rest, enabling him to collect strength and bring new ideas forward, Singapore - as a pulsating city and Asia’s hub - serves as the source of strength for the direct implementations of his visions and ideas.


Mario Hintermayer sees a bright future ahead:

We’re just getting underway in a new era that is all about creating and realizing visions. The entire world is bearing witness to a global paradigm shift. It’s great to be right in the thick of it, meeting and being inspired by all kinds of people from around the world.