"Most people dream their life away – I make my dreams reality."

Mario Hintermayer was born on June 4, 1959, in a small village in Austria. Following a dynamic youth and the completion of a business apprenticeship, he worked for a few years in Tirol as a seasonal businessman. On the suggestion and offer of a large food corporation, Hintermayer opened a grocery store in his hometown at the age of 21. Just 8 months later, company miscalculations led to its bankruptcy. Mario Hintermayer, then 22 years young, was left with a debt of with ATS 4.9 m (according to today’s purchase power, presumably € 5 m), which he himself had not caused, facing ruin. Even worse: While others his age were building up their lives and going on vacation, he found himself back at square one, having to start his life all over again.


Although the years that followed were extremely hard, they also powerfully confirmed his belief in himself and his visions.

I got involved in everything from selling insurance and real estate to opening clubs – I was continually surrounded by people who could assist me in getting my money where I wanted it to go, despite my restricted situation following the bankruptcy.


In order to bring about great transformation in his life, Mario Hintermayer chose to embark on a profound introspective voyage.

He immersed himself in the study of individuals who have attained great things in life and began exploring the knowledge and power it takes to realize visions.

I thought a great deal about the way life works, about who is guiding us, and how and why. I wanted to understand my reason for being here and why I had to go through everything I did. I began asking myself: What is my true purpose in life?

He started “requesting” parking spaces and photographing everything he still dreamed of attaining in life. He consolidated all of his wishes into a catalogue of magazine pictures – and in the process, happened upon what has no doubt been the most profound and significant realization in his life: He discovered the power of visualization.


Then, one day before his 30th birthday, he received the greatest gift of all; something that revealed to him the wonders of the world and of life in a profoundly new way:


My greatest gift is my daughter, Nicole. She was born at a very difficult time in my life

New Horizons

In 1991, Mario Hintermayer returned to active sales. Sensing the increasingly vital role health would come to play in the next 50 years, he sought out leading industry experts as partners and built up thousands of distribution partners for multinational corporate groups. He ate, slept and breathed his lifelong vision.

It was during this period that I resolved to one day live in Monaco and make great things happen!


In the summer of 2000, the universe presented him with a feeling of “arrival”, which became continuously stronger in the following years. In his home country of Monaco, he met Carmen, who is now his wife. Only 3,5 years later, they married in 8 unforgettable ceremonies around the globe. In May 2014, their eagerly awaited daughter Mayana became incarnated on the planet Terra.

This is a new challenge and responsibility, it keeps me young and brings back meaning to my programming for 136 years.

The Sixties

After 60 years of highs and lows in the life of Mario Hintermayer, he promises not to let things become quieter in the jubilee year. He is planning to start what has been his largest charity project until now, follows great plans with his group of companies, is to become grandfather for the first time and is in excellent health. After 20 years of Monaco and 200 charity projects, many of them with Prince Albert of Monaco, he sets his goals in all areas of life even higher than before. We all know him as an affectionate and purposeful person, who always follows his great goal, in everything he does, and that is to make the world a little better in the process. Apart from his locations in Singapore and Bali, Dubai has now also been developing increasingly well. Whenever possible, he is accompanied by his charming wife Carmen, who manages the company in Germany, and his little princess Mayana. 

I would like to thank all those who have accompanied me up to this point. Many people of my age make plans for retirement, when they will finally be able to do the things for which they did not have time during their years of service. I have always formed my work around my goals and desires, so that I could always combine both. Successful projects, my dear friends, the sun and the sea, are what is making us happy and free.