Child & Youth Promotion

"Children and teens comprise the weakest link on the chain. Opening up the world to young people and providing them with prospects for a bright future is the most valuable 'work' and the most meaningful investment of your time."

Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future. The fate of humanity lies in their hands. They’ll be the ones running the world 20 to 30 years from now as they take up positions in economics, politics, education and industry. Our generation must make their challenges our own; we must nurture and foster children and teenagers in their development, and encourage and support them in their education, growth, and creative expression. We all must set an example through our conduct, our actions and our words; we must provide stability and foster mutual trust. When we acknowledge, love and respect young people, we pave the way for conscious, mindful spirits to take wing. We can only secure a bright, peaceful future for the world if we take the time to instill today’s youth with an innate trust in life, in others, and in the challenges this world inevitably brings.


Mario Hintermayer is keenly aware of his responsibility as a role model. In his many projects, he reaches out to young people from all nations; he encourages teens and helps to provide them with a real chance at life, at a solid education and at securing themselves a strong basis for getting started in the working world. Mario Hintermayer’s projects show young people how to create their own bright futures by starting in their everyday lives – the impact of these actions reveals itself over time in a ripple of trust, solidarity, cooperativeness and mindfulness that flows through society.